> On the Road Again

Evil green kitty
Mhp playing catcher
My cute new bangs
More Saturday sky
My Saturday sky
Peony in my yard
They are so cute when they're sleeping.
My multi-directional noro scarf in progress
Peonies for my mom
My cactus has flowered!
One hot knitting mama
The Purloined Can Opener!
Harold and MHP snuggling
Chihuly at Lincoln Square
MHP and his favorite game
Stoned blurry Kumar
My BMFA Solstice Slip Socks!
A sock! A Cat Bordhi sock!
Harold likes to play with action figures.
Harold also really likes the boy.
Mr. Man at the driving range
Mr. Man playing Tiger Woods at Interbay
This guy was on the phone. Ha!
Mr Xman contemplating a 1 pound burger
Vintage cars rock.
A little help from Mac, and voila! I'm a girl!
Flags on the Moby Duck
I love pirates.
I looked like a pumpkin
Stuff on our cats
Sometimes we get bored and make dogs out of paperclips.
He's got friends in low places :)
We've got friends in low places too!
New sticker on my Mom's fridge...very fitting.
Another visitor to the frog 1st good intarsia :(
Round 2 of the swell hat...
Almost done with the fair isle!
I want this for my birthday!
Guess what I'm doing?
What could this be??
Socks for a boy
Put the hanging kitchen baskets to use!
I officially love this cover band.
Found at the grocery store
Light in my new apartment
We love school shopping!
I am so proud of this...