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Honestly? I'm a "lie down and take it" kinda' girl (that sounds nasty LOL) but that doesn't mean I recommend that route...

You oughta' ask Rach what SHE would do! LMAO


I freqently open mouth before brain kicks in, so I'm not going to vote for that one. I would ask when payout is exactly, since it was portrayed as a "Christmas" bonus, and Chirstmas has done come and gone for over a month now. I also suggest loudly ranting and raving at home. Doesn't solve anything, but gets rid of pent-up energy.


I would pick #1, except be assertive instead of nasty. If they hadn't been so damn slow you would have received it.


Ah man, that bites. I would ask to read the fine print, personally.

And play a lot of, um, derby. (what do you say?)


big thanks to the author for new)

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