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Happy Birthday! (Okay, truly I'm not much into them either. They're usually a big letdown anyway and who wants to celebrate being older?) But hope your next year doesn't suck and that you get to do something childish and fun often. It's good to be silly!


Happy birthday. My heart is three sizes too small as well.

Jeanne B.

I'm a little late, but, Happy Birthday! Hope you did something just for you.

Other Marie

Well, here are some good birthday wishes for you anyway. Mine comes 6 days before Christmas so it's never been noticed much. Now, Valentine's Day is something else again. My husband proposed to me on VDay; kind of bittersweet now that he's gone. The other thing that happened on VDay is my MIL's death. Now, how's that for a coincidence?? I'm alone too. Let's go have a drink together and drown our sorrows!!
Oh yeah. I forgot... we are a little ways apart!


Happy birthday!
Valentine's Day is a silly holiday (but I will take any sanctioned excuse to eat good chocolate). The DH said something about V-day the other day and I told him, "To be honest, I couldn't care less and would rather just skip it." I don't think I've ever seen a man look so happy.


Damn...I suck. Didn't know you lost your job either. :(

Sorry! And I hope this year goes way better for you...


I didn't miss it! It's still the 12th!

Happy Winey Birthday, my friend!


Happy late birthday :)

I remembered it was on the 12th - I just didn't realize that was yesterday's date. Oops. Sorry.

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