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Internal yuckiness is never a good thing - I send healing thoughts.
And really, I feel like if you've had a few bad things happen, you get to count things like tornados as part of your 3 bad things. One year we counted the OKC bombing as one of our bad things because we didn't think we could handle anything closer to home.



Jeanne B.

Positive thinking never hurt anyone. ;-) I know how challenging it can be to maintain a positive thoughtform when the current reality looks so much different from the way you'd prefer it to look. (Ask me how I know.) Of course, the energy we put out is the energy we attract.

But like I told myself today: it's like I've turned the corner a while back, and I'm definitely on the right path in the direction of a better life; but because I started out in Da Hood (metaphysically or financially speaking), there are a few iffy spots I have to walk past along the way before I get to the better neighborhood.

I've decided that when things pop up that trigger panicky thoughts, such as OMG big bill that doesn't match my current bank account, well, it's just the last one of those iffy houses I have to pass by. Pretty soon, I'll see the landscape begin to improve, and before I know it, I'll be in the better neighborhood.

Hang in there!


I was talking about you today :) In a good way, of course.

Some of us here are trying to get a knitting group going. Small turn out so far, but better than nothing.

So when you come, be sure it's on a long weekend so you can stay for Monday night knitting at the coffee house!


You need to come visit. We can go drinking.

Or I need to come there but I'm insane until the end of March or so. Maybe in April?

Take care of yourself, cookie, and good thoughts are being sent to your friend.


Funny, this morning I was thinking about you.
Try to be positive, it's worth a shot.


Sending good thoughts to you and Shannon. Send some back, 'kay? We had to put Egbert to sleep yesterday afternoon. Sometimes life just sucks, but we can drag each other through, kicking and screaming. (Medicinal alcohol isn't necessarily bad either in moderation!)


Hey, girl! Sorry to hear about your friend. Will be saying a prayer for her. You'll definitely have to keep us updated :) I came by to check for Quidditch answers.

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