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Jeanne B.

Oh, you sound so much better today. (Are you feeling better?) Sometimes being alone is good. Isn't it nice to feel like you have a bit of control over your own destiny? :-)


See... this is why I haven't really said much since your post on Tuesday. I was skeptical. I'm thinking that there's more than one in need of anger management help.


Free is good. (Stolen can opener--my GOD! The horror! Sheesh.)


You are too good for him. Just remember, you are dealing with your demons, who's dealing with his?


Well, I must say that if someone moved out and took the can opener that was in the house when they moved in, I'd be peeved. That being said, I would likely say "hey, did you take my can opener by mistake?" rather than, you know, going all ballistic and stuff.

I see four options here.

1. Ignore him.
2. Return the can opener.
3. Give his name and address to all of your friends, so that all of us can mail him a can opener, with a nicely printed little card saying "get over it".
4. Take pictures of the can opener being held hostage in different locations. Mail them to him. Be sure to include a current newspaper so that he knows it isn't dead. Refuse to return it.

Well, OK, #4 is the one I'd have the most fun with but that would involve continuing contact. I vote for 2 or 3. I secretly really vote for 3.


lol I like the kidnapped can opener ... but please make sure you feed and water it well! And no chopping off bits!!


I can't decide if Rabbitch is scarier when she's had sleep, or is deprived. Either way, I'll be looking forward to my turn with the kitchen utensil.

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