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Steph B.

Very odd dream! I'd save the stuffed thing and use it as a voodoo doll to get rid of my anger, frustration, sadness, etc. But then, I'm like that. Don't you have some really long blocking pins? (I know, I'm twisted. But usually in a good way;))


Dude...I used to have the same dreams (faceless man trying to kill me) haven't in a long time...

Can't tell you about the dream...I suck at trying to figure them out. I'm a bit too literal I guess.

As for the dog? WTF??? He's just a fucktard...hey, here's a thought if you do end up making it to BM, bring it with and burn it baby! (yeah, I know...but still so satisfying, no?)


If you don't want to burn it (I would; just stay away from the smoke), maybe you can shred it. Sounds cathartic, either way.

Jeanne B.

Stick the dog in a box and hide it for six months. Then decide.

Dream: Let's see. Uh, his wardrobe suggests that you can clearly see something is not right about him... maybe you want him to "pick you up" (truck) and make sure you're all right... and, didn't Tony die in WSS? Maybe Mr. Man is Tony (hee hee). That bit about the dollar and no trouble and them brawling? Got me.


Hey Miss LibbyLoo. I just caught up on the blogs...things have been busy here. I'm sorry to hear about Kyle. I would ask if you are okay if it wouldn't be the most GD lame question ever considering the circumstances.

So. You okay?


The meaning of the dream is ... you're a wackjob. Completely bonkers. A certified wingnut.

You're welcome.

I'll soon be charging $75 an hour for this sort of insight but for you, baby, it's free.

As for the dog? Put it in a garbage bag. Then put it out on garbage day. He didn't treat you much better than that -- his stuffed animal doesn't deserve house room.

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