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Oh, man, I'm SO SORRY. That SUCKS. I was robbed in my house once, when I lived way out in the country, and someone stole my car battery out of my car, which I discovered when I had saved $80 for Christmas presents for my son and gotten a babysitter so I could go shopping. It's very invasive, and the destruction goes way beyond what they actually get. I'm sorry for your little boy's stuff, too. Jeezuz chris. And it's TOTALLY NOT KARMA. You don't deserve it at all.

What books did your son lose? Noah is 12 and has some books tucked away - some he won't part with, but some he will . . . we don't have any Transformers, though. Damn!


That's just obscene. I'm so sorry.


The part about your son's stuff is really the saddest. :-(

How wonderful that other things in your life are going so well and that in the big scheme of things, this is not that bad. (Don't hit me. I just mean no one was hurt!)

miss kendra

is there some sort of makeup salvation army?

and why would this person steal all your stuff, but leave the resaleable things, like cds and the radio?

also, not to be a debbie downer, but why do you keep your purse in the car overnight?

Aunt Sassy

I'm so sorry Libby! That SUCKS. I'm not sure if we have "extra" transformers, but I can ask my hubby where the big fat deals are so maybe the little handsome can stop feeling so sad.

And if we ever find out who this guy is, he's going down. Big time.


I just emailed you about this weekend.

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