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Dude! So don't worry about hurting his feelings. I'm thinking that even if you weren't in a "maneater" phase, this would be a bit freaky...texting you about your conversation with a friend?? About y'alls status? After a couple of freakin' dates? Run! If he's already this possessive with someone, it can only get worse...

But I guess it does prove just how irresistible you are! ;)

miss kendra

i'm already practicing telling boys to go away. just tell him that you're sorry, but it's not working for you. end of story.

and why is that girl so blurry? is she a poltergeist?


Think it's time to kiss the boy off. Except without quite so much kissing.

He sounds like a bit of a freak.

Aunt Sassy

OH NO! Was this the nice gentlemanly fellow...turned psycho?


Hey - do you not reply to emails anymore? Maybe I'll try calling later.



HENCE the blurryness...I think maybe I came out in the photo as my state of mind at the time!! :)

About this dude:
If he is this possessive after a few dates and you REALLY like him talk to him about it....Ask him what the deal is?!
If you don't really like him and don't want to be committed at this time in your dating then cut him off and don't waste your time. (I am so mean, but its true!)

See you on Saturday! Bring your veil! I will be at the water table!


I OWN YOU! Oh AND I told your wife that she can rent you for the weekend when shes in town from me.


uh oh apparently I can't post photos in your comments..boooooo!!! You will have to come on over here to see what I am referring to:

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