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miss kendra

he looks nice. and rather attractive.

i personally am against putting my eggs in any particular basket at this point, so i am tempted to caution you as well... but you're a grownup. so have fun.

and yay for happy!


Nice one. Very cute. I am so happy for you!


wow, wow, wow!!! SO freakin' cool!!! We get to be in the same boat at the same time! I LOVE the twitterpated feeling, don't you? And I'm so happy that there's someone else out there in the throes of an exciting new relationship after a pretty shitty one...rock on sister!

And I would say, go with your gut, no matter what, good or bad. If you're as happy as you sound, I'd say hang on and enjoy the ride!! (that's what I've been doing and it just keeps getting better and better)


Whoa... easy girl. You're not only going fast.. you're RUNNING!

You can always enjoy without having to commit.. but then again, whatever makes ya happy.


Steph B.

Slow deep breaths, calm, enjoy! Isn't happy grand?!

Aunt Sassy

He's cute...and sweet...and you are ridiculously cute and sweet together.

And I know this because I met you and saw you in real life.


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