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Ooooh!!! Dating! I had a 3 date week once, it was pretty intersting. But in a good way.

I know what ya' mean about the dating thing though, that first part can really suck. But someone as great as you ought to really have her choice of men. Just don't settle anymore, you deserve WAY more than you were getting (not getting?) from X.

Oh, and great profile! I'll have to pass that site on to a few friends... :D

miss kendra

can i just say that it's really sad that we now have to specify that we don't want someone who messages people just for sex or who is MARRIED?

i am moving to a nunnery.


So are you saying that you do or don't want to have a threesome with Edward Scissorhands there?

And if you and I were a couple and ... oh, nevermind. I'm gigglesnorting too much here.


If nothing else, you'll have 3 great stories to post by next week!


Bitches are CRAZY!!


oh wait let me rephrase that...

Bitches on the intraweb be crazy!!

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