> On the Road Again

I love these shoes. Love, love, love.
Harlot! Blurry, but here!
View from a Ferris wheel
The people look like ants from the top of the Ferris wheel...
The reason why I love our county fair. Yum.
Ty Pennington from Home Makeover
Getting a haircut and a pedicure
A living room full of fleece. Holy crap.
The first of 3 dry rovings
The sheep currently living in my kitchen
New colorway maybe?
Cuteness level at 11
I clean up pretty well... :)
Crazy aunt Purl!
The Book
I think I need a bandaid.
Happy Halloween from Libby and Jake!
A bucket full of rolags...thank god for hand carders!
Sugar skull markers from nytefalle on etsy
Sweet bowling spot
Blacklight bowling shoes
Brooklyn Tweed Noro scarf
Go buy your TP kids...first snow in Seattle in 9 mos!
First snow of the winter
Damn! The weather is so weird!
Hard to see, but this is a parking lot/lake
Another day on the job....*sigh*
Yeah, I sleep with a stuffed animal.
At last, a cut that's hot. Thank god.
That's a damn lot of champagne.
There is a cat under all of that paper...
Cat in a sink
80s tastic